Regarding reviews, product recommendations & tips for your skin

1. It's my pleasure to assist people with their skin problems and recommend them products that might help their skin gets better but I AM NOT A SKIN EXPERT OR BOARD-CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST so please be aware that the products I recommend might work for you or might actually not work for you tho I'll try my best to assist and recommend products according to your skin type and through my experiences with the products. I highly encourage for you to make your own researches on the products too before purchasing them. 
2. Products that I am reviewing may cause different reactions and results in every person skin. If the products do wonder on my skin, it doesn't mean they will do wonder on your skin too. We might share the same skin type but we still don't share the same skin. 
3. The tips for skin that I'm sharing with you guys are informations that I got through my own researches and are tested on my own skin (unless stated otherwise). It might work for your skin and it might not. 
4. All products mentioned in this blog were purchased using my own pocket money, unless stated otherwise. I was not paid or compensated by any companies nor have any affiliation with any of the brands mentioned in here, unless stated otherwise. All thoughts expressed in this blog are my own opinions and thoughts upon the products. Even if some of the products are sponsored or I've any affiliation with any of the brands/company, my reviews are still my honest opinions and thoughts. 
5. I don't mind getting the same questions again and again but I appreciate it a lot if you guys can check my Q&A section first or my tips section before actually placing a same question. By doing this, you can help me save time to answer other questions I get faster.